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Workers Compensation Lawyers

Even if your injury has been accepted, the insurance company's goal is to spend as little as possible on your medical treatment and settling your case.


We will aggressively represent you in your work injury claim to obtain the wage replacement and medical treatment you need. We accept accepted and denied claims.


A work injury can be caused by more than an accident. If you have pains in your body that you think are caused by performing your job duties, you may have a work injury called a "CUMULATIVE TRAUMA" injury.

If you have suffered an accident or cumulative trauma injury, the insurance companies do not always do what is in your best interest. It is important that you contact the Scott Law Firm to get the medical treatment, wage replacement benefit, and compensation you are entitled to.

Contact the Scott Law Firm for a free consultation if you or a loved have been in injured:

• Specific Injury
• Repetitive Work Injuries
• Work Related Disease
• Work Related Death
• Catastrophic Work Injury
• Stress/Anxiety/Harassment Claims
• 3rd-Party Personal Injury Claims
• Employment Related Claims
• Claims against Uninsured Employers

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Burn Injury, high blood pressure and depression ($350,000)

After a burn injury the client developed high blood pressure and depression. We were able to get his high blood pressure and depression accepted by the insurance company.

Neck and Back ($95,000 Settlement)

The client injured his neck and back at work. Only the neck injury was accepted by the insurance company. Even though his claim was accepted the insurance company stopped paying temporary disability  benefits. His previous lawyer didn't do any thing for over 3 month.

In less than one month after hiring us we filed for hearing and the insurance company started paying temporary disability again including back pay. The insurance company also accept the back injury and provided medical treatment.

Back Injury ($125,000)

The client injured his back and needed a back surgery. The client wanted to have the surgery using his private health insurance instead of through a workers' compensation doctor. His case settled for $125,000, which included money for him to get the back surgery.