In California there are 2 types of injuries that an employee can file a Workers’ Compensation Claim These are a Specific Injury and Cumulative Trauma Injury.

Specific Injury - This is the injury most people think about when you talk about a work injury. This type of injury is more commonly called an accident. A specific injury may include slip and falls, lacerations, losing a limb, a burn, being hit, a car accident while driving for your job, and many other types of accidents.

Cumulative Trauma Injury - This type of injury is also called a repetitive work injury, because it is typically caused by performing the same actions and/or motions that are necessary to complete your job duties at work. Examples of this are constant bending, lifting, pulling, pushing, grasping or other work activities resulting in chronic pain or stress. This type of injury may also include a repetitive exposure to a harmful working environment such as heat, cold, chemicals or a stressful work environment. Common types of stressful work environments are situations of harassment or abuse by a co-worker or supervisor including sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

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